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aniMedica international GmbH

Since 1972 aniMedica international

As early as 1972 some innovative co-operative companies decided on the foundation of aniMedica international.
Long before the discussion on a united Europe these companies co-ordinated their common interests as co-operative producers and processors of feed, premixes, and mineral feed on the basis of a co-operative partnership.

In the course of some years the number of partners increased from 5 in 1972 to presently 16 from 11 European countries.
By bringing together sales potentials the company has grown steadily from modest beginnings. The members of aniMedica international have had the prospective that aniMedica will provide them with more and more sales potentials of their demand.
The product range has become larger in the course of the years and has always been adapted to the requirements of the market and the demand potentials. Our partners have improved their share in the market continuously within the European countries. This development has been supported by investments in modern testing and production facilities as well as intensive market research. Consequently, aniMedica international has succeeded in organising a future-orientated basis for trade, purchase, and supply of animal feed products, feed additives as well as raw materials for animal health.

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