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aniMedica international GmbH

General Business Conditions for the Internet Trade ( GBCIT )

1. Scope of Application

(1) aniMedica international runs an online trading platform for the procurement of sales contracts in the sector of feed additives. aniMedica international acts as broker for the seller.

(2) These GBCIT are valid for merchants. When a person other than a merchant registers with aniMedica international, he/she acknowledges the present GBCIT. For the business relation between aniMedica international and the users the following conditions are valid, unless otherwise expressly agreed. These conditions are also valid for all future business relations, even if they are not expressly agreed again.

2. Registration

(1) Customers, who want to participate in the online trading platform of aniMedica international (in the following 'users'), have to register for it. There is no claim to registration.

(2) For registration send an e-mail to animedica. The user assures, that his statements in the registration form are made truthfully. Furthermore, the user is obliged to inform aniMedica international immediately about any change of the given data.

(3) The registration comes into force, when the customer has declared his acknowledgement of these General Business Conditions and his consent with their validity.

(4) aniMedica international reserves the right to revoke the registration at any time without notice and giving reasons, especially on account of false statements regarding the registration or misuse of the aniMedica international online trading platform and to close the access for the user.

(5) All prices are a subject of final confirmation and imply a self-sufficiency of the offered goods on time.

3. Password

(1) After acceptance of the application for registration by aniMedica international the user receives a password.

(2) The user commits himself to protect this password from unauthorized access by a third party. Furthermore, the user makes sure that the password is only used by a third person with his authorization. In case the user obtains knowledge of a violation of the security of any data or information stored on the aniMedica international website, or in case he believes such a violation possible, he has to inform aniMedica international immediately.

4. Liability

(1) aniMedica international is not liable for the correctness and/or completeness of the information, advice and recommendations given on the aniMedica international web site, or the information, advice and recommendations accessible via the aniMedica international web site.

(2) The users are liable to aniMedica international for all damages aniMedica international suffers by the violation of these General Business Conditions. The users are obliged, to indemnify aniMedica international from liability for all damages caused at aniMedica international by faulty or virus-bearing data of the users.

5. Cancellation

(1) aniMedica international has the right to cancel the usage contract concluded by the registration at any time without giving reasons. The registered user is also entitled to cancel the contract at any time, unless he has made a declaration of intention he is bound to at the time of the cancellation. The duty of remuneration according to item 9 is not affected by the cancellation. A cancellation has to be done in writing.

(2) In case the usage contract is cancelled by aniMedica international, aniMedica international is authorized to block the registration number and to delete the data concerning the user.

6. Dealing with declarations and data

(1) All data, transmitted by the user himself, as well as the data transmitted to aniMedica international in connection with declarations according to items 5 till 6, are stored legible for machines. These data are stored and used exclusively for the performance of legal transactions as well as the running of the online trading platform; they are only passed on to third persons or used for advertising purposes outside the range of aniMedica international, if the user has expressly agreed.

(2) There is no obligation for aniMedica international to delete the users' data after completion of the respective business transactions. aniMedica international is entitled to keep these data stored. With his registration the user declares his consent to this procedure, which he can revoke at any time.

7. Jurisdiction/Applicable law

(1) This agreement is exclusively subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. The application of the convention of the United Nations of April 11th, 1998 about agreements in the international merchandise trade in it's currently valid version and the application of the conflict rules of the German international Private Law are excluded.

(2) For all disputes the courts in Frankfurt am Main shall have jurisdiction. aniMedica international is also entitled to sue at the user's place of jurisdiction.

8. Diverging GBCIT / Change of the GBCIT / Salvatoric clause

(1)We herewith oppose to any counter-regulations of the user with reference to his own General Business Conditions.

(2) aniMedica international reserves the right, to change these GBCIT for the internet trade any time. aniMedica international will inform all users immediately about any change. Unless the user does not object to the change of the GBCIT within one month after receipt of the modification notice, the changed GBCIT are regarded as accepted by the user. aniMedica international will especially point this consequence of a lacking objection out to the users.

(3) In case individual regulations of this agreement are not in whole or in part legally effective or should loose their legal effectiveness at a later date, this does not affect the validity of the whole agreement. The invalid regulation has to be changed, completed or replaced by the involved parties in a way, that valid regulation serves the economic purpose of the invalid regulation as far as possible.

The General Business Conditions of aniMedica international are valid unconditionally for all cases not settled by the General Business Conditions for the Internet Trade.

In the case of any inconsistency the text in the German language shall prevail.