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aniMedica international GmbH
19.11.2012 11:57:04 CET
As part of the bachelor thesis of our trainee Petra Garst, a questionnaire was sent out, with regard to the topic “organic acids in the feed industry” addressees were shareholders and private customers in order to evaluate the current use of organic acids.

Between the participants who filled out the questionnaire, aniMedica international GmbH raffled an iPad 2.

The winner was drawn on the 15.12.2011 and is:
Raiffeisen Warenzentrale Kurhessen/Kornhaus - Germany
Mr. Gollbach

At this point I would like to congratulate Mr. Gollbach and want to thank all participants for their support by returning the questionnaire.

Attachment 2
Simon, Joachim
19.11.2012 11:55:18 CET
aniMedica booth in Casablanca (Morocco) during Fair poultry in Morocco: DAWAJINE 2011; we were visited on November 30th 2011 by:

• Mr Moha Marghi : Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture and Maritime Fishing (the person who shakes hand with Mr Sinning)
• Mr Khaïr-ddine SOUSSI : president of Moroccan Interprofessional Federation of the poultry sector (person with glasses behind Mr Moha Marghi)
• Mr Ahmed FADIL : general secretary of Moroccan Interprofessional Federation of the poultry sector (person with blue tie)
Simon, Joachim
18.07.2012 0:36:55 CEST
aniMedica Booth in AGRINA Exheption in Cairo EGYPT 28,29,30/6/2012
A picture of a group of Sudanese visitors discuss about the products
of animedica and how to open a branch in Sudan
Elgaaly, Abd EL Rohman
03.05.2012 18:27:16 CEST
aniMedica opened a new office in Casablanca. Mr. Mustapha Baqasse is responsible for the business in Morocco.

Mr. Mustapha Baqasse
341, Boulevard la Grande Ceinture
Lotissement Al Mouahidine
3ème Etage
20570 Casablanca

Phone: +212 522 66 50 50
Fax: +212 522 66 64 91
Mobile: +212 661 055 006
Mail: nutrifeed@yahoo.fr
Skype: mbaqasse
Simon, Joachim
24.11.2011 14:44:56 CET
aniMedica opened a new office in Egypt.

Mr. Dr. Abd El Rohman Elgaaly
5th Floor – Office No. 503
1A Elfarokia Buildings
Gesr Elswees Street

Phone: +20 (2262) 14509
Fax: +20 (2262) 17936
Mobil: +20 (1) 2629 2692
Mail: Elgaaly@aniMedica.com
Skype: Hero153
Attachment 2
Yang, Wei
Jean-Philippe Gaspar, office Barcelona24.11.2011 14:40:34 CET
Representative Spain
Purchase /Sales for Spain, Italy, Maghreb

Mr. Jean-Philippe Gaspar
Camí Mestral nº8

Phone: +34 (93) 743 44 97
Mobile +34 (63) 09 748 99
Email gaspar@aniMedica.com
Skype Name: JP.Gaspar
Yang, Wei
aniMedica international established a new company in Mexico24.11.2011 14:34:11 CET
aniMedica international and Euronutec Mexico established a new company aniMedica Latino America in Mexico City. The company will be responsible for the business in Latin America. Mr. Jorge Munoz is appointed as the Business Manager for this area.

Jorge Muñoz
aniMedica Latino America, S.A. de C.V
Retomo del Anáhuac 61
Lomas de las Palmas
Huixquilucan, Edo. Mexico
CP 52788 - MÉXICO
Gesch. 1: +52 (55) 5290 0524
Mobiltelefon: +52 (155) 5400 5019
E-Mail: munoz@aniMedica.com
Yang, Wei
24.11.2011 14:33:53 CET
aniMedica booth in Agrina Exhibition
June 2011
Cairo / Egypt
Attachment 2
Yang, Wei
Dr Abd El Rohman Elgaaly, office Egypt27.04.2009 12:48:16 CEST
Dr. Elgaaly is an experienced veterinarian for poultry and cattle in hot to aride climate.

34 Mohamed Farag St.
Cairo / Ainshams
Phone +20 (2) 69 70307
Mobile +20 (1) 26292692
Email elgaaly@aniMedica.com
Yang, Wei
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